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Nope, I don’t believe in UFOs either…

This blog is called “Suddenly Atheist”. But more than just being an atheist, I’m also an all-around skeptic. So I think it is only fair that I address the occasional issue that is not necessarily religious, but still touches on my skepticism.

Plus, it’s always fun to open up the door for a new group of people to hate me.

So strap in kiddies, ’cause here we go…


As far back as I can remember I always wanted to believe in UFOs.

That’s a pretty heavy statement, so let’s take a moment to dissect it a bit.

When I say “UFOs”, I use the word colloquially. In the literal sense it means Unidentified Flying Object, which everyone should believe in. There are things in the sky that people see that they can not identify. But this is not what I mean, nor what most people mean, when they use the term UFO. They mean “some sort of extraterrestrial spacecraft”.

And I say “wanted” to believe because I was never a true believer. I never saw a UFO. I was never abducted. And I never really thought the books I read were true. But I wanted it to be.

Simply being a human, I think, caused part of my desire to believe. Part of being a human is desiring to be with and connect with others. And I still have that desire today. I want there to be extraterrestrials (aliens) out there somewhere in the universe. I want them to come to Earth and visit us so we could learn from eachother. So the stories and reports one hears from UFO believers are incredibly compelling merely because I wanted to believe them so much.

I finally reached a point, around the time I became an atheist, when I had to look at the UFO question with my newly trained skeptical eyes.

The evidence just isn’t there.

The stories are great. Let’s not pretend any different. But stories, anecdotes, are probably the worst form of evidence. They’re wonderful for personal evidence, but you can’t use them rationally to convince others.

Anecdotes with good evidence, however, would be enough. But I’ve never come across it.

It has, however, been quite a long time since I’ve done any research on the subject. So, by all means, if you have definitive evidence of extraterrestrials or aliens or anything of that nature, please bring it forward. If it’s true, I want to know it.

But if all you have is grainy video of moving specks and anecdotes, it just won’t be enough.

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Help an Atheist Brother: Check out Adam Carolla’s Podcast

Many of you have probably never heard of Adam Carolla.

Of those of you who have heard of him, you probably associate him with being one half of a sophomoric television show called “The Man Show”.

Sadly, not enough people know Adam Carolla as the deep thinker he is. He has spent the last 14 years on talk radio, and only last week had his show cancelled. In an attempt to ‘fill the void’ (his words) he has decided to podcast a daily show on his own.

Why should you be interested?

Although he does, admittedly, have a brand of humor that is considered sophomoric, he is also a very intelligent and deep thinker. He spent 11 years on the hit radio show “Loveline”, dispensing serious relationship advice to severely disturbed callers. Doing that and keeping it entertaining is no small feat. Occasionally, he would wax-poetic about atheism, rational thinking and the craziness of the religious.

If you want an ‘atheist’ show, Adam Carolla’s podcast may not be for you. But if you’d like to listen to a master of minutiae, there is absolutely no one better. So please, give support to a fellow Freethinker. You may just thank me for the recommendation.

You can find his new podcast at

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Tim Minchin brings a STORM…

I promise that my blog won’t just turn into me posting YouTube videos that strike my fancy.

That being said, here’s another one. But Australian musician/comedian Tim Minchin, do yourself a favor and check out his 9-minute beat poem entitled “Storm”.

If you’re an atheist, a skeptic, a freethinker, or just annoyed by hippies, you’ll love it. And look below the fold for lyrics.

Read More…

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Cold reading, at its finest…

Observe as comedian Brian Regan demonstrates some of the finest cold reading ever seen on stage.

And people wonder why John Edward and Sylvia Browne aren’t on TV anymore.

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Calling all evil atheist bloggers!



In addition to my blogging here on Suddenly Atheist, I’ve been asked to become a contributor and blogging coordinator for the new and official blog for the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia. As I happen to be a member of that wonderful organization, I immediately hopped to it and set up the FSGP Blog!

But what does this have to do with all of my awesome and talented readers? (That’s right, I’m talking to you!)

I can’t write two blogs all by my lonesome. That’s why the FSGP Blog is looking for contributors. And as I know that Suddenly Atheist is visited by many bloggers and writers, I knew to come to you first.

Are you a freethinker? Do you like writing about science, skepticism, atheism, humanism, religious freedom and philosophy? Can you spare one post a week for the FSGP Blog? Then please get a hold of me as soon as you can!

Shoot me an email at if you’re interested. This project looks to be a lot of fun, and successful if done right.


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I wish I had gay parents!

Okay, so maybe I should rethink this for a minute.


Bad 80’s movies aside, I think I should stand by that statement. I wish I had gay parents.

Er…well…let me try again.

I don’t WISH I had gay parents. I love my parents. They aren’t perfect, and they are now divorced. But they are kind and caring and understanding, and they helped me grow up to be the person I am today. Which may or may not indicate that they did a decent job.

So I don’t wish my parents had been gay. But looking back, I don’t think I would have minded it one bit.

In fact, I think I would have turned out just as good or even better had I been raised by two married (or as good as married) men or women.


The simple fact that a homosexual couple cannot have a child by accident.

A gay couple can’t accidentally get pregnant. They can’t have a child when they don’t think they’re ready. They can’t have a child when their finances are barely enough to support themselves.

When a gay couple has a child, it is done after much thought and consideration. Not because gay people are more thoughtful or more considerate, but because they have no other choice.

A gay couple is like a couple who adopts. They may not be perfect, but you know for certain that they have children because they wanted them and planned for it.

But of course, many of our religious friends have a different opinion.

What do you think?

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Another Bible Study. Just as godless.

I came across this on P.Z.’s site and could not pass it up.  Gotta love that old testament narrative!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I have returned!!!!

Did you all miss me? I’m sure you did! Sorry for my absence, but I’ve been enjoying a much needed two week holiday vacation with the family. But I’m back, and I promise to start posting things that will annoy most of you as soon as possible.

Hope everyone had as great a holiday season as I did. Now back to the grindstone!


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Still think having faith doesn’t hurt anyone?

Think again.

Here are some Christians to help me drive my point home.

Texas Pair Jailed For Beating Toddler With Hammer

A young East Texas couple was arraigned Wednesday on capital murder charges accusing them of beating the woman’s 1-year-old daughter to get rid of “the demons.”

Blaine Milam, 18, and Jessica Carson, 18, remained jailed Wednesday in lieu of a $2 million bond for each.

They were arrested Tuesday after Rusk County Sheriff’s deputies responding to a 911 call found 13-month-old Amora Bain Carson beaten. Investigators think the couple used a hammer to “beat the demons out” of Amora, Carson’s daughter.

Justice of the Peace Bob Richardson told the Tyler Morning Telegraph that it’s believed the couple went to a pawn shop to sell tools so they could hire a priest to perform an exorcism.

A message could not be left at a telephone number listed for the couple’s home. They did not have an attorney, according to Richardson’s office.

Milam was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child in August and was placed on probation. Investigator William Brown with the Rusk County District Attorney’s Office said that case did not involve Amora.

The child’s body has been sent to Dallas for an autopsy.

I’d comment, but I’m absolutely disgusted. I think you all know how I feel about this.

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An Atheist Carol?

I just found out that I was cast in a radio play. Which is awesome. I’ve been wanting to explore voice acting for a while now, and this feels like jumping in with both feet.

Here’s the problem.

I was cast as The Ghost of Jacob Marley in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.


Which, to be honest, is not really a problem. I love the story and I love the role. And while I am an ‘evil militant atheist’, I have no problem acting in what is essentially a Christian morality play. I’ve played murderers and thieves, so why should this bother me?

And the theater company putting this on (which will be streaming our performance live on the internet, btw) is not Christian in nature.

But still…am I going to atheist hell for this, or what?

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