In case you were curious what I did when I’m not writing things that few people find interesting, this is it: I make videos that few people find interesting.

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  1. I wish Christians would stop this, it just makes them look bad, and acknowledging evolution does /not/ have to jeopardize or discount their belief in God.

    • prove evolution….

      • prove creationism. That’s the real litmus test for what you are proposing as Science, is it not?

  2. actuall, syndactylly is a trait that would seem to indicate humans were habitated along shorelines. there is this great thread that talks about how people evolved as a subaquatic species, and if i find it i’ll tell you more…
    in addition, inuits actually have twice as many capillaries in thier extremities as compared to most other people, and the highland tibetans that lived in those regions for generations have much greater lung capacity and actually can get sick at sea level.
    also, the wilderness aspect is very important. the tsunami that swept southeast asia (in, what was it, 2004?) killed many, but on a small comparitively uncivilized isle no deaths occured because the inhabitants took the cues from the animals and got to higher ground and shelter. in many ways, the argument only applies to the world after the industrial revolution

  3. Morse, as you know i take up a lot of space on your posts, and have favorited this site, so that i can keep up with anyone else who dares to comment without my express permision. kidding, of course. Anyway, i since decided that since a am probly the 3rd greatest contributor to the site (at least in terms of a word count), that i should look into the videos, rather than spend so much time harrassing you here.
    I was floored by the confession that you are a part-time book molester! i couldn’t have been more excited by any other remark save that you were looking for an eligible bachelor. again kidding. but what got me was that you picked shakespeare as your #1, the man who single handedly put Marlow in his grave, taking much of his work and in fact, nearly copying his writing style. The Taming of the Shrew also was bot his, but he modified it to his ends. Memetics par excelence. he was a rich person with far too much time it would seem. oh well. it dissapointed me, as one of the single most gratifying reads was the works of Lao Tsu, which, though being taken with a grain of salt, is nonetheless a very great work to take from.
    You might be surprised that most likely the single most influetial book for me was Conversations with God, for Teens, which completely severed my ties to the christian regime, and fully set me down the path of becomeing a semi-gnostic athiest (semi because it can be logically proven that God doesn’t exists, to say nothing about gods, lesser dieties, or what have you) You enjoy Roman culture, and for that it comes across your sheer cosmapolitanis- assuming such a word exists- though i prefer to ponder the minoans. they weere of about the same technological level as rome 900 years prior ro them. Unfortunate civilization, such potential.
    I also come to wonder: do you watch Bill Mahr? You made Rushdie and Ali, both of whom were on his show (even, perhaps, the same night? i cant remember too wel), and of course he’s a very prominent media figure, sort of like you. anyway, how did those books work out?
    i suppose i’ve rambled enough, though the narnia books were very good. i have garnered ever more respect for you as time wears on, and hope that i can continue this trend

  4. hey morse, looks like Godless Bible Study ran out of room. sorry about that, mostly my fault. OH darn, you might have to start a new post. haha

  5. Hey Morse,
    There was a show on late here about lions that I half watched. Then for some reason I watched your video here. These cats were jumping over 11 ft in the air and were hanging from a carcass that was hung in a tree. I believe they noted the lions were around 600 lbs with like a 900 lb bite force. You may want to rethink the 20% odds on the stick wielding man…It was good to put a voice with all the comments!

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