Posted by: NotAScientist | December 6, 2008

An Atheist Carol?

I just found out that I was cast in a radio play. Which is awesome. I’ve been wanting to explore voice acting for a while now, and this feels like jumping in with both feet.

Here’s the problem.

I was cast as The Ghost of Jacob Marley in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.


Which, to be honest, is not really a problem. I love the story and I love the role. And while I am an ‘evil militant atheist’, I have no problem acting in what is essentially a Christian morality play. I’ve played murderers and thieves, so why should this bother me?

And the theater company putting this on (which will be streaming our performance live on the internet, btw) is not Christian in nature.

But still…am I going to atheist hell for this, or what?



  1. heehee, don’t worry about it. That is what acting is all about! 🙂

  2. An atheist is used to lying all the time, so this should be a cake-walk 😉

    Also, i hope you get into another real big thing in voice acting: anime. Would be cool to say that i knew a guy that was a voice actor in one of those =8-)

    And i’ll see you in hell, you traiterous heathen. I was seriously kicking the crap out of BobC -who puts you to shame as a militant atheist, Morse. If it were up to him, he would burn down churches as a hobby. He’s a tad extreme.

  3. Do you get to rattle your own chains? That’s got to be worth any moral ambiguity over Christian inspired absolutist fiction.

  4. There will be chain rattling, but that’s what the foley artist is for.

  5. That’s very cool! I’m somewhat jealous! 🙂

  6. morsec0de,
    That’s pretty neat.
    I don’t think I’d have any talent as an actor.
    I hope you enjoy it.

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