Posted by: NotAScientist | October 16, 2009

Neil Degrasse Tyson is ignorant!

Luckily, he happens to know just how ignorant he is. If only everyone else could come to that wisdom!

Let him demonstrate how ignorant the human animal is while he talks about UFOs and the argument from ignorance:



  1. He’s hilarious!

    I do hope that you don’t consider all religion to be as much an “argumentum ad ignorantiam” as UFO sighting though…

    While the Book of Mormon and LDS could fall into this category by claiming such Civilizations as “Nephites” existed that we have no archaeological evidence for, the Bible makes civilization claims that have been supported by said digs. (Elba Archive supported OT claims, Hittites were thought to be mythical until digs proved otherwise).

    • It depends entirely on the claim.

      If you’re claiming that Jerusalem existed, you’re golden.

      If you’re claiming a man walked on water, you’re up there with the aliens.

  2. That was an awesome video. Tyson is pretty for science I think.

  3. That was a funny video. Agree with him 100%

  4. That truly was funny. He should be a comedian.

    I thought that I agreed with him, but then I realized that I saw him and heard him. Therefore, because I cannot trust just those experiences, I cannot accept that it could have happened!

    If I had witnessed Jesus walking on water, according to Mr. Tyson, I could not accept it! Ain’t no wonder most people do not accept it! Because I must depend on my eyes and ears to receive any proof, or argument, what is it that I could believe?

    Did you see this comment, without any other evidence? Can you really believe there is a comment? Mr. Tyson really taught me something. Well, maybe he did????

    Perhaps comedy is a lot like books of illusions! We enjoy them, but they should be also called “Brain failures”.

  5. astudent: He wasn’t saying you cant believe your eyes. He was saying that if you want to be taken seriously by the scientific community you need to bring more than just your testimony.

    I thought he made that pretty clear, not sure how you missed the point.

  6. Love this guy. Watch his TED Talks.

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