Posted by: NotAScientist | April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle will make you smile!

This really has nothing to do with my normal topics, but I couldn’t ignore it.

Susan Boyle is awesome. And this is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time.




  1. What an amazing voice God has given this woman! Thank you for posting this.


  2. I agree.

    An amazing voice that biology is responsible for producing in her. 🙂

  3. Nothin’ better than watching the judges and the British hosts getting floored by her singing…

  4. Yes, those glitzy and smirking hosts were given something unexpectedly great to chew over: biology and evolution can produce amazing things!

  5. She does have an

    Extremely awesome voice!

    How did evolution account for the artistic expression found in the writing of these songs? Or the canvas of a work of art?

    Only a soul can provide the necessary tools for artistic expression. Dualism has to be true.

  6. how do you prove a soul. You cannot. you can prove that thoughts exist, and certainly they do, and there is plenty of evidence to prove that they exists in huge systems of intactions. Why not suffice that for a soul, and posit that beauty is a characteristic that is simply a fluke of nature.

    you know the whole idea of Emergance? yeah, it’s the same way. dualism is really, really stupid. What about the multiple streams of consciousness that exist in patients that have thier corpus cullosum severed? Makes NO sense in a Cartesian framework. Nor does anything else for that matter. It just seems to assume that a mind exists apart from the body. Insane notion.

  7. If there is no soul then,

    1) Consciousness doesn’t exist, because there would be no such thing as conscious states that must be described from a first-person point of view.

    2) There is no such thing as free-will.

    3) There would be no near-death experiences, but there are thousands who have experienced this peek into dualism.

    Dualism is not stupid. It is the only thing that makes sense! For instance, I know I have free-will. I can choose to write this or

  8. wow, wow, and wow.

    There is no such thing as “consciousness”. At least, the onus is on you to rprove that there is some overarching thing called conciusness. And that there is only ONE of them. clearly you missed that point i made about severing the two hemispheres of the brain.

    There Isn’t any good reason to believ in free will– particularly if your are a theist.

    Wow. powerful dumb there. Read The “God” Part of the Brain by Mathhew Alper.

    a choice doesn’t entail freedom. it never does. subconsciousness C.C

  9. If Dualism is false,

    Then what is rapid eye movement a sign of? R.E.M.?….

  10. it’s just a period in sleep wherin dreams are produced… nuerochemistry. or do you think Dreams are REAL? *snigger*

  11. Do I think dreams are real?

    As in, are the events that are imagined actually happening in the real world? No

    But, how do scientists know that people are having these vivid visions, memories, connections, recounts of daily things, future possibilities…?

    They have to wake people up, and ask people what was going on. They can get a read out of electricl signals in the brain during those moments, but that doesn’t even begin to tell them about what was happening inside the dream! These dreams are based on feelings, moods, opinions, and desires. Naturalism cannot account for that.

    This is proof that dualism is true.

  12. this is all proff that you have NEVER taken a serious look at any journal of nuerology. Come back to me with Brains Quarterly then we’ll talk Cartesian crackpottery.

  13. all data interpreted in the brain is “outside” information. that’s becasue there IS NO PErciever, no self. just thoughts encoded in chemistry in our heads. How did that information get there? Good question. Answer: well, isn’t the Entire universe information- at the very least, quantum mechanical. But classical physics can certainly break things down to mere mathmatical events. Black holes are a perfect example of pure information: mass, force charge, and spin. that’s it.

    There is no reason to believe complexity came from complexity, because that has no explanatory power at all. None. So too that consciousness came from consciousness. there is no proof of any of the things you say. You have no authority in the feild of nueroscience, or even taken a simple intro philosophy class. what a wasted existence. Certainly this isn’t becasue you managed to find Religion to call “home”?

  14. Hi Rickroll. While I agree that dualism is fallacious, and that consciousness disappears when the body dies, I think neuroscience together with neurology can show that there is a “self”. Also, I suggest you are over generalizing when you say the universe is information and that black holes are a perfect example of it. Basically we don’t know what the universe is and there is no “final theory” as yet. Far from it! We have a choice between a multiverse that explains everything but is untestable and a closed solution based on unproven string theory. Finally, the basic philosophical problem of origins and existence remains a total mystery. So, there is room for a God as originator but no proof one way or the other. I remain an agnostic.

  15. God as creator…not very useful then. Who has need for a God completelly detached from the universe? Why would it have to be God? Is that just some sort of anthropolomorphizement of something which is very likely physical in nature, or otherwise natural? I should think so.

    No, there isn’t a real self, not a consisting self. There are identities which exist in the brain, but there is not identity to them. We believe we have a self, but certainly this is just a thought that occurs to us. I would like to see “where” the self is, or is it some sort of global phenomenon?

    Existence is a tricky thing. It is a circular argument. There is no real anything to the state of Existance, and, like the self, no tests for it. There is no unalloyed form of either of those things. It is not, in short, a property or event. What is IS. like i said, circular. You have to know you exist in order to prove you exist in the first place.

  16. sorry, my comments are confusing and probably poorly constructed. I’ll come back later…

  17. uyegf

    Then we are senseless bags of meat?

    Does this mean that we should not be held accountable for our actions?

    Read my post on personal responsibility. It is very fitting. Maybe you just answered my implied question…

    “You have to know you exist in order to prove you exist in the first place.”
    This is just pure nonsense! An atheists philosophical garbage argument against asking why are we here.
    It is like the man who falls into a pit, realizes he needs his ladder to escape, so he climbs out runs home, and grabs his ladder, runs back, jumps in the hole, and uses the ladder to climb out.??????

    There I just pinched myself, I know I exist…

    “I would like to see “where” the self is,”
    It is unfortunately invisible. Or do you think that love is visible? Is angry visible? Are dreams visible?

    If you say that dreams are visible then, I will be asking my wife tomorrow what I dreamed about tonight. She should be able to tell me right? Or maybe that is over her head. If I go to the lab where there is billions of dollars worth of hi-tech equipment, they should be able to tell me what I dreamt right?


  18. Don’t take it so hard, conservative guy. We’re all in this together. Can’t we find a way to get along? One way would be to accept the fact that we all have different ultimate beliefs. Let’s learn to live with one another and not waste energy insulting one another online. We might be nice guys in the real world — I mean in face to face meetings instead of through this medium.

  19. Hey, wasn’t the subject of this post, “Susan Boyle will make you smile”?? Let’s smile then!! 😉

  20. uyhed

    You make good points Marde. But, I don’t think that I insulted anyone here. I never mean to personally attack anyone, and don’t think that I have.

    I do live happily with others. I am smiling!!!

    Still… What do dreams tell us? You cannot know about what happened in a dream unless you ask the person.

  21. “If I go to the lab where there is billions of dollars worth of hi-tech equipment, they should be able to tell me what I dreamt right?”

    Saw a post on that Exact topic on Pharyngula.

  22. Dude, my grandma showed me her on youtube. She’s awesome.

  23. yeah

    I think it is a bunch of crap that she lost. I heard that they took into account her ‘wierd’ behavior with the fame. I think I would react a little off if thrown into the spotlight of fame in the way she was.

    Anyway, she does have a very great gift!

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