Posted by: NotAScientist | December 3, 2008

Fight Anti-Gay Hatred…and make it fabulous!

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  1. Ant-Gay Hatred?

  2. Aye.

    The hatred of those who are anti-gay.

  3. Ah. I see what happened. Fixed. Thanks! lol

  4. 😉

  5. you can hate ANT-gay, but being anti-gay is just plain wrong lol.

  6. I happen to think the majority should ALWAYS decide what’s right for the minority. That way we can all agree and live in a perfect world.

  7. you’d better be sarcastic.

  8. I’m pretty sure that’s a “poe”. 🙂

  9. Who better to tell us what to do than the majority? They must be right if so many of them think the same way! lol. YES, I’m being sarcastic, I’m a freakin’ atheist. Do you think I want christians deciding all over me? lol.

  10. well, “christians” are a mojority, but catholics, baptists, Mormons (oh i feel a disturbance in the eurachrist for saying that one lol), christian science adherants, weird “new age” sects, et al, not a one of them has majority. Some are large minorities, but then again it is worth noting that “not religious” is up to 13 percent and growing. The fastest growing in fact. Maybe the Dawn is breaking on the Western Hemisphere at long last!
    PZ has all sorts of cards for fun, Morse; you get any?

  11. ha ha, Mojo-rity! Well, yes, but that is mostly the Southern Baptists and Texans lol. And the Mormans with the chutspa to support prop. 8

  12. […] film, politics, religion, scripture, songs at 7:29 pm by Jerry I stumbled upon this video over at Suddenly Atheist and I’m pretty sure no one plays Jesus better than Jack […]

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