Posted by: NotAScientist | November 12, 2008

The Bad Astronomer on Morning Radio!

Something strange happened recently.

I was reading my new book, DEATH FROM THE SKIES by the Bad Astronomer himself, Phil Plait!

It’s an awesome book, all about the many ways in which nature and the universe can destroy this pale blue dot of a planet. It’s a great read, at least so far, and I recommend it to any of you science-maniacs out there. Phil evokes a young Carl Sagan; his science is easy to understand and his explanations are wild and hilarious.

Since I’ve been reading this book, it’s been on my mind. So when I was listening to an old podcast of The Preston and Steve Show (my local morning zoo), it blew my mind that they had Neil Degrasse Tyson, another famous atheist astronomer, on as a guest.

I knew that since they loved Neil, they would love Phil. So I shot them an email, and 24 hours later Phil was on calling in to their show!

I know I’m not supposed to believe in the supernatural…but it seems like I have some power. Mwahahahahahah!


Below is the great interview, spliced into three chunks by yours truly.

Enjoy. I know I did.



  1. […] station this morning was because Suddenly Atheist had sent them a note about me. So in thanks, I’ll send y’all to his site, where he took the audio and set it up on YouTube with a bunch of dorky pictures of me from […]

  2. When I saw that he’d be on Preston & Steve this morning and went, “That rocks.” So I listened to most of it at work (our reception sucks) and I’m listening to it on their podcast as I write this. Hope he comes back sometime.

  3. Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! It’s a great honor since I actually read your blog =)

    I used to say “Gesundheit” all the time, but then I met a native German speaker who never seemed content with the way I pronounced it. I couldn’t tell what was different in it though =)

  4. Phil cuts a broad swath thru the blogosphere and his fame is well deserved. It’s a tough job, espousing scientific skepticism while avoiding the slings and arrows of outraged conservatives but he does it well. Here’s hoping he continues that job for a very long time.

    Gary 7

  5. i think this would be a great addition to this conversation!

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