Posted by: NotAScientist | November 7, 2008

Gracious in victory?

I’ve always been a firm believer that you should be both gracious in victory and loss. I haven’t always followed that belief, but I’ve always viewed it as the best and most productive way to be.

Still, part of me agrees with Wil Wheaton’s first response:

“I guess we’re supposed to be gracious in victory,” I said, “but I’m profoundly offended to hear ‘we need to look forward and not backward’ and ‘we need to stop being so partisan’ from the very same fucking motherfuckers who have been telling us that we hate our country and love terrorists for the last eight years? These are the same people who worked really hard to make sure that I and everyone who didn’t agree with their blind support of Bush and Bush policies didn’t feel welcome in our own fucking country for eight years!”



  1. I really enjoy your input at my site. So, thanks for stopping by. And oh yes, you do not have to walk on egg shells when I am wrong. Just let me have it, okay?

  2. I know! I read that too, and I feel the same way even though I was still stuck in Fundamentalist Land back in 2004 and am ashamed to admit I voted for him. Wasn’t long after that, though, that I saw the light! And I NEVER agreed that it was unpatriotic to disagree with his policies.

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