Posted by: NotAScientist | November 3, 2008

The stupid…it burns…

From a response to another blogger’s post about the evils of atheism:

Oh, this is comedy gold. You quote from a man that wanted to siphon billions of dollars from our military to fund an industry that is only good at creating hoaxes. Not only that, Sagan also supported NAMBLA. That’s a wonderful man for your role model. – Objective Scrutator

Please, go say hi to that fellow. Rip apart his arguments and tell him I sent you.

Oh, and for those of you who may not get the joke:

This fellow seems to think that the moon landing was a hoax, and that Carl Sagan was a pedophile. The evidence is completely against him in his first statement, and there is absolutely no evidence behind the second.



  1. umm morse, why are you so troubled about this idiot?! it’s so beneath you. besides, He’s an idiotic person, not a Calvanist. I have a great deal of respect for R.C.Sproul, who is himself a Calvanist, for his honesty and forthrightness about the real plauge of ignorance among Christians. He is the most Realistic type of Christian, and for that it earned my respect. I’ve said before that Calvinism is the closest to the ‘truth’ of the Bible, and never will i ever renounce such a sentiment.
    This slandering dickhead isn’t worth the digital shit that he spews, so don’t worry about it.
    There is a silver lining though: it could be a fake site like necrolord00000 said. If it turns out to be real, then we could always forcibly remove him from the gene pool…
    LOL VLLF… ought to be a bumber sticker!!! hey look it up in greek, and you can start printing out those fishes like the ichthis one! serios!

  2. yep, there’s no doubt: “This is irrefutable proof that Iraq Hussein Osama is not a Christian. This pathetic turd arrogantly snubs the Book of Truth, and tries to deny the validity of the Bible. The fact is that the Bible does support slavery, which has consistently been proven by libertarian pundits to improve a nation’s economy. The fact is that the Bible does support stoning disobedient children, which would drastically improve this nation’s education scores. The fact of the matter is that the Sermon on the Mount does not condone homosexuality, as you have said it does, and it certainly does not advocate wealth redistribution by the government, as you so eagerly seek.”

    Enough said. it’s obviously false, complete and utter satire

  3. I’ve been trolling around that blog for a while now and I can’t tell you how insane they are. Search around for “divine guesswork”. It’s great comedy..

  4. I can’t tell if OS is a spoof or not, If he is one, he’s fooled Frederick Clarkson, though, so he obviously has talent.

    Jeremiah, though, seems to be for real. Jeremiah’s posted at Blogs For Victory, he has his own blog, and he doesn’t strike me as laughing his ass off while he posts.

  5. sisyphus frag, do i recognize you from somewhere? anyway, yeah i honestly think it’s spoof just based on the video that that post was attached to. Obama is demanding in it that literal reading of the Bible is not necessary or wise in real life situations, and OS is demeaning him, and at one point makes the obvious mistake of saying that the 10 commandments come from Duetoronemy, when they are in Ch. 20 of Exodus. This is key, because the last statement Obama made was that people weren’t reading thier Bibles. However, i haven’t started a full blown investigation lol, so i might be mistaken after all ;p

    Nevertheless, i think it’s a bait trap for the morons of the web, a sort of processing center, if you will, that allows the rest of us to see who’s who on wordpress. Jeramiah i think is one such entity to be flagged.
    Why is fooling Frederick Clarkson a particularly impressive feat? just curious.
    Ironically, Suddenly Athiest isn’t on his List of Enemies, even though you are the only one to call him out is such a fashion Morse. Lol, maybe he will ignore it, which would indicate that he really isn’t out to rile the athiests, but to point out the rest of the morons out there. Exxon Mobile is pn his friends list, which i think also is a hilarious associate. Anyway, OS might just respond in his usual way, which may also bring fame to both of you. It will be interesting to see what the fate of the internets will turn out to be…

  6. it’s funny, all the polls on that jeramiah’s site are all have liberal results. Thanks in part to me too of course. could jus one of you go over there to vote and say Obama is more qualified as president? it’s the only one that’s 50/50, and i want to really zing ’em lol.

  7. “Exxon Mobile is pn his friends list, which i think also is a hilarious associate. ”

    For a while, IIRC, he had Enron on his ‘friends’ list, too. That says a lot about his convictions.

    “Why is fooling Frederick Clarkson a particularly impressive feat? just curious.”

    He was named ‘Media Hero of 1992’, and he’s been cited by major media sources (New York Times, etc.). Clarkson does have quite a bit of clout in the journalist world. However, Clarkson seems like the kind of man that could be taken in by anyone who calls themselves a ‘Reconstructionist’. Hell, I could probably say that I think that Mars is the greatest threat to Earth, and if I described myself as a Reconstructionist, he’d believe it.

    “Nevertheless, i think it’s a bait trap for the morons of the web, a sort of processing center, if you will, that allows the rest of us to see who’s who on wordpress. Jeramiah i think is one such entity to be flagged.”

    Yes, and watching poor Jeremiah be suckered in to it is hilarious. In a way, I think he deserves it, since Jeremiah’s viewpoints are so hateful and so lacking of sympathy for his fellow man that he literally gives chills down my spine.

    There’s also the other commentators to analyze. Bob Evans, be he real or spoof (I’m leaning towards real), is a nutcase. Pokey Minch has some close tie to OS.

    Here’s what I think: I think that OS is a liberal, and an atheist, but he places more effort on his political analysis. Looking at his category selection, all are politically related; ‘atheism’ is not even a category. The website’s primary focus seems to be to poke fun at conservatives, generally with religious conservative overtones.

    When you look at certain aspects of his blog, however, it seems strangely moderate. He always seems to attack McCain as a ‘RINO’; I think that OS holds a certain amount of respect for him. The same goes with ‘moderate Christians’; OS seems unwilling to parody their viewpoints.

  8. you have alot to offer don’t you Mr. Doubtfire?
    i take it this type of investigation is your speciality. very good.
    Well isn’t like these people to want to believe others that seem to support their views; they are probably so ostricised they can’t recognise flattery from flatulance lol. but it’s kinda sad really
    Well it’s nice to imagine that there is something OS regards as sacred, even if it is the “wishy-washy” christians, to quote Douglass Adams (although he used Anglicans, i don’t see how it wouldn’t transalte to most American families as well).
    I hate to start a new topic, but the whole argument that we’re born athiests is just retarded. we’re born non-theists, extremely agnostic non-theists. A similar analogy is homo/hetrosexuality, whereras most people are at least some small percentage bisexual in nature, there is that 10% cap on each end. however, there is a trend growing of Aesexuality that is beginning to be looked at (i believe one of my friends is such a case, in fact). we are of course born with completely aesexual motivations.

  9. oh and did you vote on his site lol?

  10. morsecode-
    In refernce to your most recent comment on my blog, thank you. I will assume your sympathy is sincere because that seems to be harmonious with my understanding of your character. I am committed to praying for Obama and his administration.

  11. Of course it was sincere.

  12. sorry morse, seems like i’ve been spending a lot of time shouting in Nance’s posts recently. She doesn’t understand fiscal policy at all. any other bloggers you want me to attak lol? No, seriously; who?

  13. That C4C blog is unintended comedy belly-laugh style. I doubled over when I read the ‘this site is not a joke claim’. Made my day.

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