Posted by: NotAScientist | September 15, 2008

How an Atheist Copes

This will be the last time (at least for a while) that I give a blog post that is essentially just a repost from my YouTube channel. But, as I’ve disappeared for a while, I thought an explanation was in order. I’ve been dealing with a family issue as of late, but I’m back and will be blogging shortly. If you want to know where I’ve been, check out the video below:



  1. Sorry to hear about your dad. If he is anything like you, he’s a nice guy. So, I hope to hear only good news in the future about this incident.

    Don’t leave us hanging. let us know what happened with the cute girl. After all, it’s therapeutic, right?

  2. So sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope he gets better real soon! I hope you do as well.
    I have an athiest question if you don’t mind my asking. Are most athiest depressed and angry? Every athiest that I’ve ever met has always been depressed. A former athiest goes to my Church and he said he was severly depressed and was just angry and hated God. He then got saved and his personality is just awesome now. He is happy, he has good things happening for him and has friends that do not try getting him in trouble and just enjoys things now. So I was just wondering if the beliefs of an athiest go hand-in-hand with depression and bad attitudes? I mean nothing ugly by no means, but every athiest I’ve ever met or read about has problems with themselves on a deep level. I mean we all have problems, but just seems when you believe in something good, whether you can see it or not, you tend to be happier and live your life better. Kinda like being a kid. Whats wrong with believing in someone good and kind in this mean, horrible world? Why wouldn’t someone want to sit around and say whats the point to life if I’m just going to cease to exist once I die. That will make anyone depressed and have no self worth. I’d just rather live life happy and full of joy believing there is a God and Heaven, and die and find out there wasnt than to live life like there is no God or Heaven and die and find out that there actually was! I’ve seen all the reasons why athiest say they dont believe in God, Jesus, or Heaven, but they never why they feel its so wrong to believe in someone good for a change. Or why its so bad to believe that we can go to a better place once we die. Why are joy, peace, happiness, and the feeling of security so wrong? Like I said so what if we die and find out we were wrong for believing in God, at least while alive we had something to hope for and peace from someone we believed was in Heaven watching over us. And its always nice to believe that someone like Jesus would die for me. No matter if He got to only stay dead for three days and then go be King. Just his suffering for one day because He felt he was doing it for me is enough for me. I would never want to suffer what He did and I wouldnt suffer like that for anyone other than my children or husband. Most people won’t even suffer a sore back even if you paid them a lot of money to do something for you! This is just my feelings only, but I love the idea of having God up there loving me and thinking I’m worth having up there. I love the idea of Him loving me even though I don’t deserve it. Cuz if I didnt have that hope, I too would slump into depression due to a horrible childhood and other life circumstances. Give me hope anyday over nothingness. You dont have to see anything to believe in it. As a child we didnt have to see to believe. I just dont understand why the concept of something good is so bad? Now I understand there are some people that take religion and make it crazy and turn people off! I can’t help that and they are responsible for their own actions. But there are good people out there and that treat Christianity the way it was meant to be treated.
    I wish you all the best with your Dad and whatever issues you said you are dealing with.

  3. Holly.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    “Are most athiest depressed and angry?”

    No. No more than the percentage of depressed or angry people in the general population, any way.

    And just to be clear, my father is a Catholic.

    “Whats wrong with believing in someone good and kind in this mean, horrible world?”

    Well, I don’t think this world is horrible. Occasionally mean, but not horrible.

    And nothing is wrong with it, as long as you don’t care whether or not what you believe is true or not.

  4. holly, death makes life valuable in a way that eternity never can. to eternity, this life is nothing, but if one ceases to exist, then this life was absolutely everything. many see the glass empty but it is full, and vice versa for the afterlife. Morsec0de’s post on eternal life is a good place to go to as far as that discussion leads, and as for meaning, isn’t it intrinsically meaningless? what purpose does a purpose serve? it doesn’t it mearly exists. i believe this, but if you intend to believe something, you ought to make the concerted effort to prove it wrong first just to be sure that you’re not fooling yourself.

  5. mc, I realize your position on Christianity and also realize that this not mean much to you, but you and your Dad are in my prayers. Regardless of your theological stance, what you’re going through is difficult for any human being to endure. Take care.

  6. Well excellent, i’m glad things are progressing so smoothly (compaitively, at least). It’s quite remarkable that you hold up so well, and it is really something to see this happen to an athiest, and in addition, for it to all work out… it drives home that these kinds of issues are universal, and we all aren’t as different as we would hope. I have you in high esteem and hope for the continuesd success and progress. glad things are patching up, sorry about the awkward dialougue, this is not really my stongsuit.
    Best of luck also with the wisdom teeth (proof in and of themselves of our evolutionary past); i had mine pulled a year or so back, and it wasn’t so bad. they give you painkillers, if you need them. I only had bottoms, so my sinus wasn’t affected, but anyway i hope it doesn’t become too inconveniant for you to do more videos, hahaha. No, you relax morse.

  7. I hope things work out for you 🙂

  8. That was supposed to be a smile, but wordpress converts smiles into weird smirk-like facial expressions…

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