Posted by: NotAScientist | September 5, 2008

John McCain’s Speech: First Impression

Last I night I decided to get off my politically-lazy buttocks and actually watch McCain’s speech.

It was only fair, as I watched Obama last week.

But to make it more interesting for myself (and hopefully for all of you) I added a little experiment to the mix. I watched the speech live, and then immediately jumped on my webcam and gave my first impressions.

As first impressions go, I hope I at least made sense. You tell me:



  1. The only thing I would disagree with you on (oh wait I am conservative, so there probably is more than one thing) is that his POW and war experiences do help determine how he would be as a president. Now don’t get me wrong it is not the only thing but how he handled himself during those times says something about his character. I think character should play a big part in who we vote for.

    Thanks for sharing a video. Interesting opinions. Oh and thanks for visiting my site:

  2. POW experience does not mean you’re ready to lead an entire nation. POW experience does not mean you fully understand politics and they way things work over in DC.

    Though character may be a huge part of what you’re basing your vote on, experience would also be great. Experience regarding law-writing and foreign policy committees, you know, the things that will matter in the next four years.

  3. Oh wow, this just hit me!! if McCain is as much for change as he lies about, then why didn’t he pick Hillary?!! HA HA HA, that would’ve been sooo great, a truly genious move. probly ruin the whole campain, but it would be worth every lost vote, every single pissed off republican. Hey, he might just have made up for it with independants, you never know… and no one ever will…*sigh*

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