Posted by: NotAScientist | August 27, 2008

Atheists are so arrogant!

Sweet, simple, and to the point.

Let me get this straight. You think the Creator of the Universe cares personally about your life, and that you know, with absolute certainty, what he wants for all of humankind.

While I think that we’re basically alone, not very special, and are just fumbling through our random existence trying to do the best we can.

And I’m the arrogant one?

I want to add something to this, but it is unneccessary.

The next time you think of atheists as arrogant, just remember this. We don’t think there’s a guy who spends all his time concerned with what’s going on in our pants.



  1. Not sure how long ago this came up, but I wonder how many religious people are going to completely ignore the second sentence of the quote, and get pissy cause someone had the audacity to call them “arrogant”.

    Silly Religiots, The internet is for _clever people._

  2. The problem is that Rick Warren and his ilk don’t understand the difference between desire and belief.

    We, as atheists, don’t believe in a god. We don’t think there is one out there to help us even if we wanted it.

    Rick Warren translates this to mean that obviously we’re arrogant and think we can get by without god.

    I don’t believe in Superman. Is it therefore arrogant of me to assume I’ll have to go through life without his help?

  3. Rick Warren. Hmmm, I think I could pour myself a bowl of Post Alpha Bits cereal, and it would spell out a better argument for the existence of “God”.

  4. Oach. i’m afraid they have a point though, many athiests do come off as rude and concieted for the simple fact that when someone say yes to God, miracles, creationism, horoscopes, the supernatural, and other such things, the answer is always: NO!, No, NO!, no haha, and no respectively. You can see why then? I myself have been constantly heckled by a teacher of mine for being so arrogant, and i’m not even completely athiest, just highly agnostic (it’s a fine, but silly line)
    Boomslang, was that a Douglas Adam’s line? well, it could’ve been. Thiests assume ultimate answers, and athiests don’t, so in that regard yes, religion is an arrogant institution. Could it be that ‘arrogant’ is code for “smarter than me and i can’t deal with it” from a theistic perspective?

    Wait, why is there a whole thread devoted to a stupid ad hominem anyway? you seeting a mousetrap for internet trolls?

  5. Great post – totally agree with the comment!

  6. i suppose that since arrogance helps a species survive psychologically, and since athiests can’t put this into a collective social structure or some false doctrine, it is all personally accountable. pros and cons for everything, delusions\arrogance, social structure\ advancement of science. meh, not a great post, but whatever.

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