Posted by: NotAScientist | August 1, 2008

With apologies to John Shore…

If anyone coming to this blog (and who, exactly, is coming to this blog? I only made it an hour ago!) notices, I blatantly stole the title of it from John Shore over at Suddenly Christian. Luckily I was able to change it enough so that any claims of copyright infringement will fall on deaf ears.

Truth be told, John’s a great guy and if you stumble across me you should definitely give his blog a read. He’s ‘one of the good ones’. After all, he recommended that I bring some marshmallows with me when I finally kick the bucket so that the fires of Hell won’t go completely to waste.

Where can you find a nicer Christian than that?



  1. Ah, so that explains the small community. don’t i feel priviledged to be here from practically the beginning.
    I’ll bring the chocolate, and if we find someone to bring graham crackers, we will roast in style. Yeah!

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