Posted by: NotAScientist | August 1, 2008

Do we really need another one of these?

Yes, that’s right. Here’s yet another atheist with a rinky-dink page who has decided his opinion needs to be sent out into the blogosphere. Are you bored yet?

There are lots of us. But that’s a good thing. Because despite the fact that atheists may be terribly over represented online (which I don’t think is necessarily true, but let’s go with it for a minute), each atheist blog is unique to that person.

Not, of course, to say that the theist blogs aren’t original. They certainly are, and I speak from the experience of having read one or two of them. The originality, however, can be somewhat limited.

Take two blogs from two Catholics, for example. I used to be an RC, so I can at least talk about them with some knowledge. Now, you could have a pair of blogs that are very different. One could be a Republican and the other a Democrat. One could be a fundamentalist and the other a lapsed Catholic. When you get down to the bottom of it, though, they have the same spiritual background.

Atheists, on the other hand, can (and often do) have nothing in common with each other. I’m a former Roman Catholic who was always quite liberal and have been finding myself leaning, over the past few years and months, towards libertarian in my views. On the other hand, you have Sam Harris, who was somewhat atheistic his whole life, quite liberal (I think) and leaning towards Buddhist spiritualism. The only thing we really have in common is our shared opinion that god does not exist. (OK, ok, we’re also both pasty white men. But besides that!)

And so I’ve decided to share my views here. I doubt I’ll be heard over the rumble, but it’s worth a shot. What I say may not always be smart, or right (I’m wrong a surprising amount of the time), but it will be what I believe.

I also invite anyone and everyone to tell me what they think in response. Even if it involves screaming and tearing out your hair. Especially the tearing of hair. It makes me feel special.



  1. I am atheist but to me i believe our “gods” are the aliens. Which if you’ve read in the news lately an Nasa Astronaut from the Apollo 14 Space Shuttle misson, Mr. Edgar Mitchell whom is 77(gonna be dieing soon anyways, so not scared of the gov’nts death threats of secrecy anymore), has admitted to the world that aliens do exist and that the US government has had meetings with them since WWII. Also, many countries around the world have in recent years declassifying their alien documents and also saying that they do exist. To me, i read a book about 8 years ago and i do believe what i read, which is aliens have performed 65 genetic alterations on the human species over the past 2000 years.
    Besides, imho you can’t just take cavemen and expect that if they played with rocks long enough that they would create everything we have today, that’s complete and utter bull shit. If this were true we’d see monkeys evolving over the years and a yeti/sasquatch would definately exist. So to me, creationism and evolution both are bull shit. I believe that we are an experiment(guinea pigs) and that even the City of Atlantis and dinosaurs were just previous failed experiments. Even civilization of today, though it still exists, with all of the gullable people who don’t like to use logic/common sense and like to believe in mythological fairy tails(the easy way out), that we are a failure.

    That’s all i have to say for now, i’m sure that i’ve left things out but that’s what happens when one gets old. Also, i’d like to know if anyone agrees with my theories here.

  2. It was pretty horrifying to read Josh’s post until about halfway through, where he made it abundantly clear that he knows no more about evolution than the average middle school creationist. So instead of dignifying his post with a thoughtful response, I’ll resign myself to satire.

    Josh’s Syllogism of Pure Brilliance:

    P1 – The front-running natural explanation for life’s complexity doesn’t, to my intellectual satisfaction, account for the complexity of life. The notion that primitive men (“cavemen”) could pass on and accrue more information about the world over hundreds of generations is “complete and utter bullshit.”

    P2 – The front-running supernatural explanation both for life’s existence and life’s complexity is also bullshit, because, well, just because it is.

    C – Morphologically and intellectually complex natural life forms (which didn’t evolve) are the only reasonable explanation for life’s complexity.

    “What’s that you say? Simple, the aliens are just so smart and complex that they figured out a way to create themselves out of nothing, duh.”

    I’ve changed my mind, Josh. I am scared of you. Please stay away from my family.

  3. Oh you should be.

    For only in death can one achieve pure freedom AND I’M GONNA GIVE YOU YOUR FREEDOM MOTHER FUCKER!~Eru

    Remember children, friends are for the weak and it’s down the road not across.

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